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Kocovic Fitness Academy

  • Project: Kocovic redesign
  • Client: Marko Kocovic
  • Services: Art Direction, Responsive Web Design,
    UI & UX, Development, SEO


Client came to us after several attempts to build a website with different companies, with which they were very unhappy. We did a complete redesign of their website. We set up a starting point for their brand development and incorporated advertising tools allow easy online support for their frequent marketing campaigns.

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We established a good communication with the client on our first contact. It was clear to us what client needs are and we were easily able to explain and articulate possible technical solutions that will improve their business and communication with their current and potential members. After the first design mockup was presented, client was confident that we comprehend their needs and that we will find best possible solutions so he gave us freedom to design and develop as we find suitable without their supervision. Once the project was presented client was very pleased and only few content changes were made before the site went live.


Apart from the outdated design, main problem on the existing site was that all pages where developed as images so the site was not present anywhere in browser searches. The client main communication tool with their members was their Facebook page that was not in any way connected with their site.


We did a complete site redesign with modern and responsive approach. We developed SEF website that provided ways for client to communicate with their members and integrated the site with their Facebook account.

Kocovic 2


Our happy client got a huge positive feedback from their target group, their members, who were now able to find all relevant information on the site and to easily communicate. Combined efforts between their Facebook page and their website, that now supported their frequent marketing activities, resulted with more than 100 new members after only two months.

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